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Plan for the Best Easter For Your Church this year

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

What’s on your plans this week? Organise your youth group, follow up with a new comer and… right, plan for the best Easter ever for your church. As though the task of making it relevant and set apart from other years isn’t overwhelming enough. And there’s promo which should be out.. in 2 weeks time?! Sounds like you know what you’ll be doing tonight. But honestly, it doesn’t have to be this overwhelming. WE want to help. We saw churches struggle for a while now and thought, wouldn’t it be great if they had at least one thing ticked off their Easter planning list. Presenting you, our ultimate Easter kit! It’s a resource for you and your church to use from slide breakers to promo templates. We want to help you invite and reach members and visitors to be excited to join you this Easter. Here are a few resources we provide.

Print Marketing:

There is a reason why some people prefer reading hard copy over soft copy, and yes, certain age groups especially. Items like brochures, invite cards and door hangers will stay around corners and help reminding and promoting both your event and church even when it’s long past gone. After all, what takes up space in real life has potential to take up consideration in the mind.

Social Media Graphics:

Visuals need to be captivating. Social media is a world that understand that beauty holds attention. While you may have a great message, a good strong visual can help make a good introduction. Think of using simple elements that portray emotions, intentional graphics, colours and words go long way in impressing the message you want your audience to feel when they think of your event.

Email Marketing:

Everyone reads their emails, being the most affordable, yet effective way to contact your church members, emails are powerful ways of engaging with your church without being too intrusive. Just a simple invite card with a heartfelt and sincere message goes a long way especially in times of social distancing.

Text Message Invites:

Lastly, consider text messages. They can be much more personal and conversational, lowering defenses while still being upfront. A text message creates a sense of inclusiveness and creates responsiveness towards your care and appeal. A text message really says “we see you, and you are counted as us”.

Now, back to that to-do list…mark off Easter prep by downloading Our Easter Kit now. The Easter Kit includes these five tools and a few other. Should you require a more personalised touch, we would be happy to engage with you, do reach out to us at


Contact: +6016-6591569 (James) / +6017-889 6901 (Tony)

We want to partner with you in engaging your community and making a difference for eternity.

Have a blessed Easter!

Download the the Easter Kit here:

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