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Design Trends 2023: Design for GenZ – Top 10 Styles You Don’t Want to Miss

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

What creative, visual, and design trends can we expect in 2023? We’ve compiled our top trend predictions into this article, which is full of creative ideas and inspiration for cutting-edge designs in 2023. Continue reading for an in-depth look at the top gen Z design trends 2023 that we believe will capture the attention of Gen Z and Millennials worldwide this year.

It’s all changing again for the digital design industry, which is working with brands that need to appeal to the world’s two billion ‘Gen Z-ers,’ a generation of digital natives who could pinch and swipe before they could talk and are now entering the workforce. For some brands, a digital design that worked, even for Millenials, is now obsolete. Generation Z is demanding a new approach.

Gen Z Design Trends 2023

The best way to describe the gen Z design trends 2023 is that they are experimental, newly conceptualized, and redefined, resulting in a marvelous mix of skill and artistry. We took our time analyzing the creative field’s trends and it was well worth the effort! Graphic design trend predictions from the beginning of 2023 were not far off, as we’re seeing most of them influencing graphic designers’ mood boards and portfolios. However, there is some unexpected shapeshifting going on, with “offshoot” trends adopted by Gen Z gaining more popularity than anyone could have predicted.

Here are our ten key takeaways from designing for gen Z design trends 2023

1. Create Empowering Design

Self-sufficient and innovative — Generation Z is fueled by their experiences (good and bad) and can affect change through the digital spaces they currently occupy. For this audience, design is thus ’empowering,’ and gen Z design trends 2023 presented in such a way as to encourage personal growth and the ability to shape their surroundings resonates with them. Gen Z is a boundary-pushing part of the population because they are innovative ‘unique-seekers.’ Designers may find this extremely exciting.

Colors can be bold and clashing, and imagery can be experimental. They even have their color, Gen Z yellow. Designing for gen Z design trends 2023 is about more than just making things look nice; it’s about how a brand can help them live their lives more efficiently. The only way to gain their loyalty is through digital design that provides a smooth online experience. They must be as digitally intuitive in their design.

Similarly, design without function is unappealing to this audience. Content must be transformable from online to offline, as well as across all social channels. All content must be scalable, and although it’s frequently forgotten, it’s also crucial to make sure that all fonts are digitally compatible and mobile-friendly. Before scaling designs up and out, make sure they function in the smallest digital spaces.

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2. Flexible Branding

Gen Z wants to associate with people, brands, and causes that reflect their preferred identities, which they can control through social media. It may appear simple, but keep in mind that in the world of Generation Z, everything is in flux. According to research, this generation is open-minded and diverse, and their identity is fluid. There is frequently no defined glimpse of a Gen Z’s ‘personality,’ as they do not see themselves as occupying a single overarching defined role or trait.

To stay ahead, brands must be adaptable while creating products for gen Z design trends 2023. Implementing a rebrand with a flexible system to stay updated with the ever-changing Gen Z consumer involves maintaining a consistent brand identity that is deeply rooted in the brand’s values but is supported by a set of regularly updated brand guidelines that can flex with current trends and channels. This can be accomplished, for example, by maintaining a consistent primary brand color palette, logo, and typography style while developing seasonal or trend-led identity packs with a flexible palette of icons and colors to reflect ‘trends.’

3. Make it easily shareable and scalable

Since they have constant access to information, Gen Z’s identity is greatly shaped by the content they generate, consume, and share. Their sense of self-worth is largely based on how many likes and followers they have. Designing content for gen Z design trends 2023 with shareability in mind will help you maximize this proclivity for social media. That involves a large number of quotes, quick videos, and images with text added.

Keep in mind that Gen Z frequently uses emojis, videos, and GIFs to communicate. Make sure the content for gen Z design trends 2023 is also scalable. How does it appear and perform on Instagram compared to a website banner or print advertisement? The attention span of Gen Z is also shorter than that of earlier generations. We only have about eight seconds to get their attention, so the content needs to be bite-sized, easily digestible, and short to leave the viewer wanting more.

4. Fluidity and Inclusivity in Design

Since there are hardly any cultural influences among those in Generation Z, they like to break down barriers. Being unique can now be achieved through identity fluidity rather than by belonging to specific groups. They feel they do not have a single, well-defined role in life because they are open-minded and diverse. Everything in design is controlled and consistent.

The monotonic way of thinking is changed by Generation Z. Brands will need to adapt, to visual identities for gen Z design trends 2023 whose components can be changed. As you design for gen Z design trends 2023, keep this fluidity in mind. traditional distinctions like blue for boys and pink for girls are no longer valid. Social change has been pushed for by Gen Z.

Since the 1960s counterculture, they are the generation that is most focused on activism. This means that campaigns should feel sensitive to issues of feminism, racism, gender fluidity, and equality, according to designers. Designs that emphasize fluidity and inclusivity will capture Gen Z viewers’ interest for a longer period. Additionally, when focusing on these themes, it is beneficial if the designs feel sincere, authentic, and individual.

Gen Z viewers will be immediately turned off if, for example, a corporate campaign uses an inclusive design to simply “tick the box.” The likelihood of success is significantly increased if this is communicated in a more personal manner, such as through an endorsement from an influential person.

5. Bold Abstract Elements

Trends in graphic design come and go in cycles, evolving along the way. In gen Z design trends 2023, bold shapes will continue to dominate the backgrounds of websites, social media posts, and other media. However, more abstract forms predominate over rigid geometrics. What’s great about bold abstract elements is that they add an extra layer of visual interest to any composition by utilizing the design principles of variety and contrast.

They attract viewers’ attention with their bold, bright colors without detracting from the main message. It’s also simple to incorporate the aesthetic appeal of vibrant organic forms into your designs. Simply use no more than 2-3 colors and make sure your main content is visible. To make things simple, illustAC has several templates in this style that you can completely customize. Look at these abstract elements that are highlighted by colorful rounded shapes.

6. 3D Design

Three-dimensional visuals are the new two-dimensional assets and motion graphics are the new static images. At least, that has been the situation for the past few years. Especially now that creating high-quality 3D visuals is simpler than ever thanks to recent technological advancements. 3D graphic design elements can be found everywhere, from the 3D typography and icons present in recent social posts to the characters and logos showcasing different brand products.

But, aside from the ease of creating 3D graphic resources, what else is driving these design decisions? The growing demand for virtual experiences and graphics that blur the lines between computer-generated images and reality is undoubtedly fueling this trend. And, as the metaverse’s influence grows, so will the market for 3D elements. So take advantage of the current digital moment by adding depth, shadows, movement, and textures to your design resources.

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7. Motion Graphics

Though not exactly new, video content has significantly altered the way that brands use the internet.

And yes, TikTok is largely to blame for that. No other app, according to the Washington Post, has grown faster past a billion users. TikTok videos are watched by average American users for 80 minutes per day, which is more than they spend on Facebook and Instagram put together.

This makes sense given that short-form videos can humanize brands, remix consumer trends, and keep viewers interested and informed for longer periods. Bring on all the attention-grabbing, relatable content for gen Z design trends 2023 that holds viewers’ attention for far longer than a static image could hope to!

8. Inclusive Visuals

The movement to make designs more inclusive is nothing new. In all of our previous summaries of graphic design trends, inclusivity has been cited as a critical component of forward-thinking designs that enables audiences from all backgrounds to see themselves reflected in a brand’s products and mission. Even though the category as a whole doesn’t change, design trends do.

So how has this ongoing effort to promote inclusivity changed for gen Z design trends 2023? As a result of our growing awareness of marginalization and intersectionality, we now need more representation, also known as a representation that goes beyond different skin tones.

9. Colorful Retro Design

The retro style in graphic design is undeniably changing in gen Z design trends 2023. Bright and colorful retro design is becoming the norm! The optimistic and animated trend we’re seeing in gen Z design trends 2023 is a confident shift toward colorful retro art. Colors that are playful and cheerful are becoming popular in this year’s retro designs. Bold typography, funky neons on dark backgrounds, cyberpunk motifs, and generally loud imagery are the graphics that give this trend’s ideal audience; the gen z, warm and fuzzy feelings.

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10. Surrealist Maximalism

Surrealist Maximalism; an important part of gen Z design trends 2023; is essentially a declaration of war on white space, simplicity, and the “less is more” slogan. With an intentional desire to break the rules, graphic designers are experimenting with maximalism following a long (and still ongoing) reign of minimalist supremacy. The gen Z design trends 2023 are heavily influenced by Gen Z’s tendency to flip established standards on their heads.

There is some overlap between maximalism and surrealism/escapism design, but its distinguishing features are clashing textures, noisy color combinations, and excessive layering. This graphic design trend is only a few risky moves away from being synonymous with brutalism, but the reality is that it does what trending graphics do best: it captures attention!

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