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Digital Church Trends For 2021

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

It’s safe to say that 2020 was challenging. Most of us had to get used to running services online, developing systems and not to mention the age old struggle - to be more engaging for both the young and older generation. Here are some Digital church trends we feel we might see more of as 2021 progresses.

1. Going Virtual.. permanently

In compliance with safety protocols from the Government; church services, Sunday schools, gatherings and other activities started to operate online in 2021. We expect that more of such activities will be go online as the year progresses.

With that, we see that the need for upgrades in church media and communication have also increased. There is a constant need to engage through the sharing of photos, videos, live streams and other online content so that congregations and followers’ attention and attendance can be maintained during this time. The presence of churches to be established virtually is never more important should further restriction be imposed.

2. Interactive Online Services

Perhaps after a year of adapting to doing services online, this year we can make use of the many stimulating tools to better engage with the congregation. Think of members participating via live surveys and questionnaires—just like members raising hands when the preachers ask for response or congregations proclaiming ‘Amen’ in agreement during physical services.

Life Church - founder of the bible app - kickstarted the concept of one church multiple locations and have evolved it to maintain a high level of engagement during their weekly services. This attracted younger generations and newer audiences like never before. What can we learn from them? With the availability of tools online, churches can optimize their presence everywhere.

3. Allowing The Next Gen to Pioneer Innovations

With everything leaning more towards the use of technology, differences between generations have become more discernible. How can we help accommodate both groups of people, knowing that times are moving ahead with leaders who want to innovate for the future moving online, while some prefer status quo-returning to the way things are?

This age proves to be one that new possibilities can be formed should we understand the needs for both generations. It’s helpful to tap on trends, new methods and shifts so that we can reach out effectively and have deeper engagement with our congregation and to the unchurched of all generations.

4. Making both physical and online services a new normal

The church has spent most of its efforts gathering people into their buildings. In 2021, with the growing availability of networks online, we need to focus more on connecting and rather than just assembling. Being able to connect with individuals in their very homes would become an essential skill for church leaders.

With some people still apprehensive about coming back to large gatherings because of the risk factors, It’s important for churches to discern quickly how to accommodate to these types of needs in church.


These are only a few samples of how we should think of digital trends amongst churches that will emerge in the 2021 post-pandemic. 2021 will definitely be a year that is more focused on innovation and system rebuilding for the world that we are all living in.


1. Are you looking to improve your Church Online service experience?

2. Are you considering reaching out to the young generation through digital media?

3. Are you keen to run an online evangelism program?

Case studies:

If so, we are here to help. Engage with us! We would like to partner with you in making a difference, positively impacting community and bringing new possibilities in 2021. Email: Contact: +6016-6591569 (James) / +6017-889 6901 (Tony)

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