An Alpha Fundraising Event


Creative Direction

Digital & Print Design

Event Branding

In its third year running, Reach is an Alpha Malaysia fundraising initiative inviting donors to give to the cause of Alpha as they reach out to support churches in Malaysia and inspire guests to share the gospel.


To help them achieve their financial goal of raising funds through table sales, we came alongside them to create a visual theme that would communicate their message of "sharing hope, giving purpose and creating community".

Alpha’s vision is 

the evangelization of the nation,

the revitalization of the church & the transformation of society.

How did we do this?

By using hands as the vehicle of our message, this helped Alpha Malaysia create awareness amongst church leaders and donors on the need to partner with them as they continue running their mission of serving churches in Malaysia.


Placed in opposite diagonals to convey the message of reaching out for help, and reaching out to help. 


Keeping to the Reach brand -

we kept the gold as part of our creative expression, keeping our output simpler compared to the preceding years to draw attention to the message of the event yet retaining a touch of elegance.


Donor Package Collaterals

Share Hope

Give Purpose

Create Community


Through this partnership, Alpha Malaysia was able to raise RM40k more than the year before helping them reach 85% of their targeted fundraising goal to continue supporting their mission going for the year to come.