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Capturing Life's Questions at Eden


We are excited to present a creative proposal to address the challenge of promoting the HTBB quarterly Alpha program at Eden Cafe, located on the rooftop of Kuala Lumpur's prime area, Lot 10. This proposal aims to tap into the younger generation's inclination for sharing their experiences on social media, utilizing the picturesque location and modern behaviors.


The existing promotional efforts, including the current poster at Eden Cafe, have not yielded the desired engagement from visitors and customers. The lack of connection with the audience has resulted in limited visibility and participation in the Alpha program. To overcome this challenge, we need an innovative approach that resonates with the cafe's vibrant ambiance and the target audience's preferences.

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Young individuals are drawn to sharing their experiences on social media platforms, utilizing location-based hashtags to showcase their presence at a particular venue. This behavior presents an opportunity for the church to leverage this inclination and expand its reach among the younger audience.

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Solution: Engaging Visual Campaign

We propose the implementation of an engaging visual campaign that encourages visitors to capture and share their experiences at Eden Cafe while subtly promoting the Alpha program and its message. The campaign will comprise the following elements:

Tutorial on Capturing Stunning Photos:

Offer a tutorial on how to take captivating photos at Eden Cafe. This can be in the form of a printed guide available at the cafe or a digital post accessible through QR codes. This guide will provide tips on lighting, angles, and composition, ensuring that the captured images are not only beautiful but also authentic

Top 10 Instagrammable Spots:

Compile a list of the top 10 most photogenic locations within Eden Cafe. Accompany each spot with a unique hashtag to encourage users to label their photos accordingly. This list can be displayed prominently within the cafe, fostering excitement and encouraging visitors to explore these areas for themselves.

Interactive Prop Displays:

Create interactive and eye-catching background displays featuring thought-provoking questions related to the Alpha program's message. The display could include the question, "Is there more to life than this?" or other impactful inquiries. Visitors can pose in front of these displays and scan QR codes to access campaign information and sign up for the Alpha program.

Monthly Photo Contest with Prizes:

Launch a monthly photo contest where visitors can upload their Eden Cafe photos on social media using the designated hashtags. The most creative and engaging photos will be selected as winners, and each winner will receive a special "Latte Prize" – a complimentary latte from Eden Cafe. This initiative will further incentivize participation and create a sense of excitement among visitors.


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