The current website is formatted in a blog layout, restricting a fuller view of content display required. This website revamp with better UI/UX design would allow for easier audience usability and navigation, internal maintenance, and organization of content while simplifying workflow. 


Features to include:

Live view of content from YouTube, podcasts, and social media for training 

Design 1




While the appearance of the website is certainly important, most people aren't coming to your site to evaluate how slick the design is. They want to complete some action, or to find some specific piece of information.


Based on the research and insight, rich media such as video, podcasts on the website able to capture audience attention and increase time spent on the website as well as connecting your audiences closer to your brand.



1. Podcasts


Your Listeners Can Connect With You


Podcasting is, at its core, a social experience. Listeners value the medium because they feel like they are being included in a personal conversation, and often form a bond with the hosts of their favorite podcasts without even knowing it. But the increasing ubiquity of social media has made clear that without true interactivity, no content can survive and thrive in the digital environment. 

You Can Be More Efficient at Promotion

Websites can act as the central hub for promoting your events. As you publish on more than one platform, you can link from Facebook or Twitter to the website (and its individual subscription and listen to links) rather than manage from multiple platforms. 

2.  Live Chat


  • Responding faster = more leads

  • Help people even when you’re not there

  • Overcome objections instantly

  • Forms are a thing of the past

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Design 2




The current SUARAM website archive has more than thousands of articles, data statistics, and reports since 2010. It is vital for such a content-heavy website to have better UI/UX allowing audiences to have easier access to key publications with just a few clicks away.

Launch the prototype


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