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Generasi Gemilang's current website needs to be revamped to reflect a forward and progressive NGO. A key feature point of the new site is the need to be upfront on how donors can easily be part of their projects to help the under privilege.

The new site should also be less cluttered and allow for easy navigation to the other pages. Moving forward, it needs to be easily updated especially in terms of the new projects and how donors can participate.

Concept: The Heart of Giving

Every donor interviewed identifies with a specific cause they felt passionate towards - and for 75% of people, this was the key influence behind their giving.​ The concept for this website design is the making of the cause, the problem statement needs to be prominent throughout the website in the storytelling method. Such as the transformation life statistic, problem statement, and movement statement.

People are more likely to give to nonprofits that they trust if they see that their donated money has made a difference.

With 54% of donors preferring to give online, it’s important to put some extra thought and effort into your nonprofit’s donation page design.

When donors find a donation page to be untrustworthy, lengthy, or difficult to use, they’re more likely to abandon their gift before their transaction is complete.


Branding your donation sites

Visual consistency maintains the element of trust for your donors as they navigate from page to page on your website. Creating a seamless transition using effective brand-oriented visuals is key to keeping this trust.


Optimize your site for mobile

Not only should your information be easy to view on different screen sizes, but it should also be easy to interact with from a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. A mobile-responsive design will offer tap-friendly menus that make your website easy to navigate on a smartphone.


Design your donation page with multiple giving options

Adding suggested giving amounts creates a frame of reference for others to use in deciding how much to give. This social influence from suggested amounts creates an average of a 12% increase in donation amounts from donors.


Cleaner layout for easier information navigation

Map out a minimalist design for your donation page to keep the donor’s eye focused on the pertinent details and guide them through the donation process.


Create your donation page through your CMS platform.

The ideal setup and design of your donation page should enable donors to give right as they feel inspired and safe.

Design 1

Large images such as this one do away with the concept of above and below the fold. By focusing on just the image with text rather than a CTA or social buttons, Mediums creates a stronger visual experience that encourages you to scroll down to read more. Large hero images are also often placed in the background with text and other content overlaid on top.
The image that Medium uses above is captivating and mobile efficient so that your audiences will not miss important messages and sentiments.

Launch the prototype


Design 2

With the rise of Pinterest, many users have become fascinated with cards. Individual cards help distribute information in a visual way so the visitors can easily consume bite-sized pieces of content without being overwhelmed.

Card design is popular across B2B and B2C and Non profit organization websites because it helps to deliver large chunks of information into easily digestible content for users. This design helps highlight multiple information or solutions side-by-side.

Launch the prototype

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