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Christmas is here

Events that are happening within the pandemic are such opportune times to speak messages of truth that can positively impact lives. Lives have become increasingly bleak and dark with so much air of uncertainty. So much hopes, plans, fun and cheer were put on hold and some start to forget what good times feel like. Christmas in 2020 was such, that it was an opportune time to instil hope again, to help people remember goodness.

Long ago,
Jesus came in the midst of dark times in the form of man to show that God chooses to come near to humanity.

As Christmas draws near, remember that Christ also comes close to us.
His light is constant and never diminishes through the ages.
So hope is always not far away. 


Holy Trinity Bukit Bintang Church, an Anglican church located in the heart of KL engaged with us to spread the message that ‘Hope is not far away’. This would be a Christmas like no other, with social distancing and less physical interaction. How can we make this Christmas equally engaging, touching lives through digital spaces with no physical set ups?



We were tasked to develop a Christmas themed IG filter that would be available to not just their members but also to the masses. This filter would be an interactive way of spreading the Christmas message that Christ has come near. This fun way of engaging with audiences was also a pointer towards HTBB as a platform for the unchurched.


MAD Squared took the time to understand the needs of our organisation and created a unique marketing strategy to reach our audience. They were able to adapt designs creatively in order to appeal to the wide audiences that we reach yet staying integral to the brand.

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