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A window opportunity to Bridge Lives, Churches and Malaysia
Expanding Alpha Malaysia's 3 year vision  

Fundraisers are crucial events for most non-profit organizations, they are lifelines for organizations to carry on working on causes to better society. 

In 2020 when the pandemic hit, many organizations faced a huge challenge in areas that require physical spaces such as these events.

As Malaysia transitioned to the online space, it was important for organizers to continue hosting fundraisers while retain key features that make up the event - such as a space to meet, a community to retain and a future to continue being inspired for. 


Screenshot (71).png

The gospel must be given free of charge. That is a very important principle of Alpha.


Alpha Malaysia is a non-profit organization that believes in giving their evangelistic resources away free of charge! Specializing in helping churches strengthen their evangelism plans, they are constantly on a mission to touch more lives by inviting the local church to partner with them.

Envisioning their next step, they needed a message that would to appeal to Malaysian churches, encouraging old and new partners to go on a 3 year journey with them in changing the landscape of Christianity in Malaysia.

Artboard 4_4x.png


We helped Alpha Malaysia project their vision through the wheels of our campaign themed "Bridge". We pitched that the tone to share this vision was to start at the very beginning, laying down the blueprints of the plan for the next 3 years to come as a form of invitation to partner in their efforts.

This would involve showing the kind of people we hope to partner with,

Artboard 3_4x.png

Connecting lines
Sketched elements
Doorway to the future

New colors



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This year's message needed to nod towards the transition of leadership, keeping in line with their hopes to refresh the vision that is carried forward from the previous years, We decided that the direction needed to showcase the fuller picture of this vision. Moving from just seeing in part to seeing the bigger picture- hence we moved from using the symbol of hands to visualizing full bodied interactions and communities. 

Artboard 5_4x.png


Unlike any year before, this year’s fundraiser being conducted online gave Alpha Malaysia a new opportunity to utilize their donor’s home space as a potential way of gathering and inviting guests into being part of their mission.


The event was able to run twice, in West Malaysians and another in East Malaysia. A total of x amount of screens were present, each hosting about 4-6 people. With the use of these local spaces, Alpha Malaysia saw more newcomers coming in to be part of the vision of the celebration.

Do you have a vision to transform societies and nations? Engage with us! We would like to partner with you in making a difference, positively impacting society and bringing new possibilities in 2021.

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