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2020 Conferences

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Brand Identity

Creative Direction

Digital & Print Design

How can we touch lives without physical spaces?


2020 proved to be a challenging season for many organisations. Event-based institutions certainly took a big hit as they scrambled to understand how to navigate the digital world, look at alternatives while maximising engagement.


Alpha Malaysia was one such organisation that had to readapt their conference strategy in order to meet their mission of running 4 youth events within the year.



Prior to the lockdown, The Alpha Malaysia Youth team had just decided to run 4 youth conferences with one running theme to engage youth leaders of Malaysia to be passionate for evangelism. This event under the overarching theme “Revival for the next generation” would run in 4 different locations based on 4 strategic language centric locations. The event needs a unifying branded, while being unique in its specific language- understanding the struggles of evangelism within churches of each culture. This event would be a platform of interaction to inspire leaders to think of new possibilities for their ministries by choosing to run alpha. Our team had to look at relocating the event to a different space that still captures the heart and theme of the conferences.


Prior to the lockdown we were able to create a unifying campaign brand that spoke about the possibilities of evangelism in Malaysia, and when the lockdown was announced we were able to come alongside to think of solutions to help move the conference space to a much more flexible online space while retaining some physical experience.


Like the name of the conference, translated 4 different ways, we created the story of a ‘bright’ generation through elements that we know would be attention grabbing and movement-inspiring for youths.



Symbols of the Holy spirit

Youth energy through glowing neon colours 


Using elements of the movments:

through sports, music, dance and travel and Symbols of the Holy Spirit: Wind, water, fire and oil, we wanted to show diversity yet uniformity of the generation Alpha Malaysia envisions for the youths of Malaysia. The belief is that youths have the energy and want to stand for something they believe in. Our message was to “Be proud you’re a youth, you can be a great signpost to the world, and Alpha is a great tool to have if you as a leader already have the heart to evangelise.”


The event successfully gathered 850 more people than the initial projected attendance. The fact that the event was moved to a digital space gathered more people and created a greater awareness for Alpha as a helpful evangelism tool especially in times of COVID-19. Some were so impacted by the event that they strived to get good internet connection just to be participate. On top of that, because of the lockdown, new collaborations were formed - The Bm conference SINAR initially based in Sabah/Sarawak reached out to connect also with the Indonesian churches.



Would you like to create a greater impact with your conference? Engage with us! We would like to partner with you in making a difference, positively impacting society and bringing new possibilities in 2021.

MAD Squared took the time to understand the needs of our organisation and created a unique marketing strategy to reach our audience. They were able to adapt designs creatively in order to appeal to the wide audiences that we reach yet staying integral to the brand.