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Bring Light to Malaysia,
4 language groups at one time

For the last 3 years, the Alpha Malaysia youth team has been bringing youths together through their GLOW conferences in their respective languages. 


Understanding that each culture brings different focus, the team wanted to bring the conference under a unifying brand so that each context can relate with the larger community of Christians across Malaysia and align with Alpha's vision to bring "revival for evangelism" through the youths.

Screenshot (89).png


Having run these conferences in the years before, Alpha Malaysia concluded that their youth events look vastly different from each other despite being under the same umbrella conference. While this creates good diversity, it also creates a situation in which each language community feel disconnected to each other, which does not align with the Alpha Youth Team's hope -  to bring unity in diversity. The challenge was to adapt across the message of "revival for evangelism" while creating a form of Unity. Translating the meaning and message appropriately to 4 different language while unifying the events so that the communities although different still come into understanding that they are part of a larger community. 



Coming together with the Alpha Malaysia Youth team, we set about recognising the distinct uniqness of each culture. From preferred colors, to youth habits and hobbies, we were able to speak to youths by appealing to their youthfulness in energy combined with their hope for being moved (by the Holy Spirit) for the nation and ultimately a vision of what being a light could mean in their time.


Like the name of the conference, translated 4 different ways, we created the story of what a ‘bright’ generation could look like, appealing to the different context through symbols that are common to their culture. 




Symbols of the Holy spirit

Youth energy through glowing neon colours 


Using elements of the movments:

through sports, music, dance and travel and Symbols of the Holy Spirit: Wind, water, fire and oil, we wanted to show diversity yet uniformity of the generation Alpha Malaysia envisions for the youths of Malaysia. The belief is that youths have the energy and want to stand for something they believe in. Our message was to “Be proud you’re a youth, you can be a great signpost to the world, and Alpha is a great tool to have if you as a leader already have the heart to evangelise.”

Velicham- Card-Mockup.png
GLOW Card-Mockup.png


The event successfully gathered 850 more people than the initial projected attendance. The fact that the event was moved to a digital space gathered more people and created a greater awareness for Alpha as a helpful evangelism tool especially in times of COVID-19. Some were so impacted by the event that they strived to get good internet connection just to be participate. On top of that, because of the lockdown, new collaborations were formed - The BM conference SINAR initially based in Sabah/Sarawak reached out to connect also with the Indonesian churches.



Create meaningful impact in the year to come! We would like to partner with you in making a difference, positively impacting society and bringing new possibilities in 2021.

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